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HA8_2888_15 by Ngô Huy Hòa (hachi8) on Flickr.
MPW_3233_4_5_tonemapped by Michael-Wilson on Flickr.
26.09.2013-1 (2) by Arslan UÇAR on Flickr.
Ølberg Harbour [Explore #13] by Richard Larssen on Flickr.
Despegando by Egon Wolf on Flickr.

Despegando by Egon Wolf on Flickr.

Midway Geyser Basin - Yellowstone National Park - Wyoming  ( MG_1054 ) by thantrongnhan on Flickr.
Hoverfly  (Explored) by washed up2 on Flickr.
What counts most is holding on. The growth of a train of thought is not a direct forward flow. There is a succession of spurts separated by intervals of stagnation, frustration, and discouragement. If you hold on, there is bound to come a certain clarification. The unessential components drop off and a coherent, lucid whole begins to take shape.
~ Eric Hoffer ~
BAC Jet Provost by alan tunnicliffe on Flickr.
HFDF!! {explored} by conall.. on Flickr.